All gifts are vital to the support of The Overlake School. There are many different ways to make a gift. 下面列出的是您在向mg摆脱电子游戏赠送礼物时可能希望考虑的选项.


Making a secure online gift is easy!

请浏览我们的 online giving form 向学校的Overlake基金或高年级遗产基金进行安全的在线捐赠或承诺.  Overlake accepts American Express, 发现, MasterCard and Visa, as well as e-check (you will need your bank account and routing numbers).

Alternatively, you can set up a pledge by emailing McKenna Quick, or calling her at 425-602-7055. 请注意,mg摆脱电子游戏基金的承诺应在2024年6月15日之前完成.


目前的礼物总是受到赞赏,并在法律允许的最大程度上免税. To send a check, please make a note of its purpose (e.g., Overlake基金, Senior Class Legacy Fund, 养老, etc.),并邮寄至:

The Overlake School
Attn: Development Office


If you hold securities that would incur a tax on capital gains if sold, your outright gift to Overlake could mean significant savings. You obtain a tax deduction for the full market value of the gift, and you may avoid a tax on the increase in value. For instructions on how to make a gift of securities to Overlake, please email Brisen Brady, Director of Development, or call her at 425-602-7054.

Donor Advised Funds

捐款人建议基金(DAF)是一个有名字的慈善捐赠账户,你可以在公共慈善机构下设立, 通常是赞助金融机构或社区机构,如嘉信理财慈善机构, Fidelity Charitable or Seattle Foundation, 等. To donate through your DAF, 只需联系您的赞助金融机构或社区机构,向mg官方电子平台推荐一笔赠款. 


请注意U.S. 2006年《mg官方电子平台》规定了适用于捐助者建议基金的某些限制. 重要的是要了解这些,以确保通过DAF的捐赠符合您的需求和慈善意图. 最常影响捐助者的限制涉及认捐和接受捐助者的利益. 


认捐-设立DAF时,捐助者可以提出建议,但不能在法律上直接提出 future charitable grants. As the donor has given up legal ownership of the fund, 他们被禁止从他们的DAF向他们想要支持的慈善机构做出具有法律约束力的承诺. 此外,捐助者可能不会履行先前存在的具有法律约束力的认捐 通过他们的DAF. 请 email Brisen Brady 通知学校您推荐奖学金的意图,因为这有助于我们未来的规划. 


捐赠者利益-通过DAF捐赠限制了您可能获得的捐赠者利益. 因为在建立或资助DAF时收到了全额税收减免, 在处理奖助金支付时,捐赠人无法收到扣除额. 


特别活动门票和捐款-希望通过特殊活动(如我们的猫头鹰之夜社区庆祝活动)支持mg官方电子平台的捐赠者应注意,活动门票不能通过DAF购买. Sponsorships and event donations through your DAF are welcomed, 减去我们赞助套餐中包含的任何认领活动门票的价值. 请 email McKenna Quick with any questions on supporting 猫头鹰 Night Out.


Planned Giving – When establishing a DAF, 可能会建议合格的慈善机构(如Overlake School)在捐赠者去世后接收DAF中的任何剩余余额.



Many companies offer matching gifts programs for employees; please contact your HR department for details. 匹配的礼物是一个伟大的方式来帮助Overlake达到其筹款目标,同时最大限度地提高你的慈善捐赠.

Matching gifts will be applied toward a donor’s total giving level. 请 email McKenna Quick,或致电425-602-7055询问有关配对礼物的任何问题.


mg摆脱电子游戏感激地接受为纪念或纪念朋友而送的礼物, 家庭, or faculty members, or to acknowledge a birthday, graduation or other significant event.


Overlake is pleased to accept gifts to our growing endowment, which helps ensure the future of the school. For more information about giving to our endowment, please visit the 养老 page. 此外,对捐赠基金的捐赠可以通过延期捐赠进行,详情如下.




eScrip是一个简单的筹款项目,社区中的每个人都可以参与. Sign up your grocery club cards, credit cards and debit/ATM cards, 你在参与交易的商家购买的部分商品将返还给mg摆脱电子游戏, 不需要你付出任何代价! To join today, please complete this short eScrip registration form. Returning eScrip supporters can add Overlake as an eScrip recipient.

Planned Giving Opportunities

mg摆脱电子游戏遗产协会承认并表彰那些将学校纳入其遗产计划的个人. mg摆脱电子游戏的计划捐赠计划提供了多种方式来制定计划捐赠,而不会耗尽一生的资产和, 在某些情况下, can furnish additional income and significant tax deductions. 以下是你在向Overlake赠送礼物时可能希望考虑的选择:

  • 遗赠。 A gift provided in your will may be a percentage of your estate, the residual of the estate, 某一项, or a specific dollar amount. Estate taxes may be reduced by a bequest to Overlake.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust - 这种信托为您和您的家人提供固定或可变的收入. 部分信托有资格获得所得税减免,并在最后一个受益人死亡时, the assets of the trust are distributed to Overlake.
  • Charitable Lead Trust - 该信托允许您将资产传递给拥有大量遗产和赠与税节省的家庭成员,同时允许Overlake在信托期间从收入中受益.
  • Gifts of Real Estate - A gift of real estate provides considerable tax benefits. 你也可以选择保留终身占有房产的权利,甚至可以获得房产产生的收入.
  • Gifts of Life Insurance or Pension Benefits - 人寿保险的赠予可以让你将之前获得的保险投入其中,这些保险可能不再需要用于最初的目的,并实现税收优惠. Overlake may also be named as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, company pension or profit-sharing plan, or of a private fund such as an IRA, 基奥计划, or tax-sheltered annuity.

We appreciate your interest in and support of The Overlake School. 你的律师或财务规划师可以提供额外的信息,说明这些捐赠方式如何适用于你的具体情况. 如果您有兴趣了解更多关于您和Overlake的礼物机会,请 email Brisen Brady, Director of Development, or call her at 425-602-7054.

mg官方电子平台是一个不以营利为目的的法人,501(c)(3),税号91 0814431. 在美国国税局慈善捐赠规定允许的范围内,向学校捐赠的礼物可以免税.

Overlake基金 & Senior Class Legacy Fund Giving Circles

$50,000+ • Overlake Visionary Circle

$25,000 - $49,999 • 1967 Founders Circle

$15,000 - $24,999 • 圆头的

$10,000 - $14,999 • Green and Gold Circle

$5,000 - $9,999 • 高第一圈

$3,000 - $4,999 • 领导圈

$1,000 - $2,999 • 猫头鹰圆

$1 - $999 • Friends of Overlake


Assistant Director of Development