mg摆脱电子游戏学校, we believe technology is a powerful tool for enhancing our learning and teaching. 结果是, an Overlake education integrates the use of technology in numerous aspects of our school program. School-wide adoption of Canvas LMS (Learning Management System) since 2013 is just one example of how technology is enhancing our educational program.

In order to support the increased use of technology, the school launched a student device program in 2015 which requires all students to bring their own device to school. Use of any devices, personal or school-owned, are subject to Overlake's 技术 Use Policy. Assistance is available for students receiving financial aid.

Please find more information about the program below, and don't hesitate to reach out at the contact information below with any questions.

The following devices are recommended by Overlake and meet the requirements of our BYOD program:

  • MacBook Air或MacBook Pro 
  • 微软Surface Pro或Surface Laptop

We 强烈推荐 that students run the most up-to-date operating systems. If you are running 窗户 in S Mode, please review Microsoft's documentation on turning S Mode off. Please ensure students have run all updates prior to the start of school and are administrators on their computers, at least for the first weeks of school to configure printers, 无线网络, 以及其他必需的软件. Students are encouraged to use a modern browser like 谷歌Chrome, 微软的优势, or Mozilla Firefox, which works best with Canvas and other Overlake services. 我们也 要求使用 反恶意软件和防病毒保护. We discourage using alternate operating such as Linux systems unless the student is self-sufficient in supporting themselves. Please note that Chromebooks and iPads do not currently meet our device requirements.

If you wish to buy something different from the recommended models, it must meet or exceed the following minimum requirements:

  • 8 gb内存
  • 256GB存储空间
  • 无线网络 6或6e
  • 8小时电池寿命 
  • 麦克风和前置摄像头


The Overlake School provides 微软365 to all students and employees at no cost. As long as students/faculty are at Overlake, each user may install this software on up to five computers, 窗户或Mac, 十种移动设备, iOS或Android.

The subscription is free as long as you're an active student or employee.

Downloading 微软365 is easy and access is tied to your Owl ID. 微软365 Desktop apps include Excel, OneNote, Outlook, 团队, PowerPoint, and Word. Many applications have robust web-versions that keep your files accessible anywhere you have internet, but the desktop apps have some functionality not available in web versions.

微软365 Desktop Apps Installation Guide

  1. Before you start, uninstall previous versions of Microsoft® Office.
  3. Log on using your Owl ID username and password.
  4. 一旦进入办公室门户, click the button in the upper right corner of the screen that says "Install Apps"
  5. Office将自动开始下载.
  6. Once the download completes, if you're running 窗户,选择 运行 or 保存. On a Mac, open the downloaded file and double-click the icon that reads "Install Office 2016"
  7. 流媒体安装将开始.
  8. After you have completed the install process, 打开Office应用程序, 例如Word® , 你会被要求这么做 Sign in to an existing Office 365 Subscription.
  9. 输入您的Overlake电邮地址(,然后按 下一个.
  10. 如果系统提示您选择 微软账户 or 工作/学校账户,选择 工作/学校账户.
    1. 输入密码并单击 登录. Your Mac may prompt you that "Microsoft Office Setup Assistant would like to access your contacts.“点击 OK.
    2. Personalize your copy of Microsoft® Office, select your preferred setting for updates and click 继续.

If you have issues installing office, please contact 或访问 微软帮助.

防病毒和反恶意软件 至关重要的, 要求 in order to protect your device and data from malicious attacks. The Overlake School does not provide antivirus or anti-malware software to students. The following is a list of free packages that are generally considered good products. The Overlake School 技术 Department does not recommend or support any of these products specifically nor is this a comprehensive list of options.




Wi-Fi is available in throughout indoor and outdoor spaces around campus. Community members can use Wi-Fi compatible devices anywhere service is provided. The Overlake School 校园无线网络 网络 is constantly being expanded and improved to meet changing demands of our community. 

比如你当地的图书馆, 酒店, 或者咖啡店, we provide access to the Internet with a fast, 安全, 和冗余连接. 寻找 Overlake开放 网络.


学生和员工可以 安装剪纸 to print anywhere on campus after installing only a single printer on any laptop or mobile device. Employees and students will automatically receive invites to PaperCut at their Owl ID email address.


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