One of the Summer Program’s goals is to open leadership opportunities for upper school and college students. The summer program offers paid and unpaid positions for people who love working with kids and enjoy creating a fun learning environment where all students feel valued.


The counselor job description and application process will be posted in January, 2023.

Summer Program 辅导员 support summer faculty in facilitating pre-designed, hands-on summer camps at The Overlake School. 辅导员 are expected to communicate, 激励, and interact with youth in a positive manner during camp and activity time. 辅导员 will also design and lead activity time, supervise lunch, and collaborate with the other 辅导员 and interns to create a fun and inclusive atmosphere for campers. They are the glue of the summer community, and their flexibility and positive attitudes are essential to creating a fun learning environment.

Counselor positions are paid positions that are open to current 11th graders (and older). The counselor application includes a cover letter, 重新开始, and references who can speak to the applicant’s work experience(s) and leadership qualities. For questions, please contact 内特·埃德蒙兹.


The internship description and application process will be posted in January, 2023.

实习生 are a vital part of Overlake’s Summer Program, as they support the teachers, 辅导员, 和露营者. 实习生 are unpaid positions; however, students receive service hours for their work in the program. Intern positions are open to current 9th and 10th graders. 


Summer Program Director