"Embrace 多样性" was added to The Overlake School mission statement in 2002.  In support of that mission, The Overlake School:

Promotes inclusion and understanding by

  • valuing the background, culture, 个人 history, and experience of every individual
  • empowering each individual to be his or her authentic self, included, respected, and supported

Broadens student perspectives by

  • uniting diverse individuals with different cultures, 信仰, and stories to enhance the life-long process of understanding the world around us
  • exploring our similarities and differences through the academic curriculum and experiential learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom

Acquires cultural competency skills when

  • students and adults learn together and from each other, allowing us to explore new realities, and challenge stereotypes, working to become global citizens

Creates a diverse, healthy learning environment by

  • fostering 个人, 物理, and emotional safety for all members of the community in all areas of school life – academic, 个人, 和社会
  • working towards civility, 同情, and moral values through learning initiatives aimed at educating our students to be successful, culturally competent citizens in a rapidly changing global society

Promotes advocacy, access, 和社会 justice by

  • inspiring a desire to effect positive change through a real understanding of both the hardships and the institutional 和社会 inequities faced by all marginalized people.
  • providing access and opportunity for young people from all backgrounds.

Overlake's Director of 多样性, Mahtab Mahmoodzadeh, facilitated a panel discussion with various school administrators from independent schools in the Seattle area entitled "Thriving as a person of color in independent schools." View the discussion.


Mahtab Mahmoodzadeh
Director of 多样性 & 包容